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Since founding in 2016, HUP has been on a mission to make harm reduction tools more accessible to people from all corners of the world.

As a leader in producing and supplying high quality & affordable reagents, we remain the only company in Scandinavia to produce and directly sell test-kits to people worldwide.


In a unregulated market there is no way to ensure what you’re buying is actually the intended drug, but with the use of test kits you can test your drugs and see if it’s what you thought it was.

A large percentage of drugs are mixed with harmful adulterants or are completely mis-sold. With the growing trend of “research chemicals” being falsely sold, testing your drugs has never been more important.

  • In 2016, synthetic opioids (primarily Fentanyl) were involved in nearly 50% of opioid-related deaths, up from 14% in 2010 (USA).
  • In 2018, DrugsData (USA) lab-tested a total of 731 samples sold as MDMA/”Ecstasy”, about one fourth of samples were adulterated with another substance or contained no MDMA at all.

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Any questions?

Which test kit do I need?

Don’t know exactly what you need? Marquis is a common first testkit to use, and suitable for substances like Cocaine, MDMA, Amphetamine and more. We also have Substance specific Testkits which you can find here.

If you want to test psychedelics such as LSD, DMT or mushrooms then the Ehrlich Test Kit is what you need, further testing with other reagents is necessary to be able to conclude which substance it is as Ehrlich only reveals that it is an substance within the indole drug class.

Looking for a more comprehensive test? Our 7-in-1 Complete Test Kit includes an selection of reagents with the most logged reactions, giving you the best chance at finding out what is in your sample and possible adulterations.

Where do you ship?

We ship to every country in the world! Free shipping to all orders worldwide.

Is it legal?

Testkits are a perfectly legal product, and commonly used by harm reduction organizations.

We do not ship the test kits with anything that hints towards substance use, such as reaction cards, a receipt with a link to our site and even use abbreviations for the labels instead of the reagent’s full names.

So to put it simply, all our orders are packaged extremely discretely and with care of privacy.