Understanding Substances
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Ordering a Reagent? USA & International Shipping is FREE!

Ordering a Reagent?
USA & International Shipping is FREE!

Understanding Substances
Starts Here
One Test Can Make A Difference

Since founding in 2015, HUP has been on a mission to make harm reduction tools more accessible to people from all corners of the world. As a leader in producing and supplying high quality & affordable reagents, we remain the only company in Scandinavia to produce and directly sell test-kits to people worldwide.

In an unregulated market there is no way to prevent harm, but with the use of effective harm reduction tools you can now be safer. A large percentage of drugs are mixed with harmful adulterants or are completely mis-sold. With the growing trend of “research chemicals” being falsely sold, the use of test-kits has never been more important.

Testing Your Drugs

Test-kits are "reactive agents" used to identify substances in a drug sample, by simply dropping a small amount of liquid on a tiny sample of your drug a reaction forms and the result: you know what you bought.

Our Complete Test Kit can help you identify substances including MDMA, MDA, PMA, Ketamine, Cocaine, LSD, DMT, NBOMe, DOx, Oxycodone, Mescaline, Amphetamine, and hundreds more!

Check our Reagent Search Tool for a complete list.

Supplements For Safety

MDMA safety has long raised many debates and questions, and with a handful of studies showing supplements can help make MDMA use safer we've put together an MDMA Supplement Kit of 9 different supplements to reduce the risk of MDMA toxicity and make your roll greater.

Enhances roll
Smoother come-down
Know What to Look For

Use our Reagent Search Tool to easily search through hundreds of substance-reagent reactions based on reagent, color change, or the suspected substance itself.

Prepare Sample

Prepare a small speck of your substance and place it on a ceramic plate.

Drop Liquid

Drop one or two drops of the reagent onto the speck and watch the color reaction that occurs within the next minute.

Read The Reaction
Use our reagent reaction tool and search for the color your reaction turned into and see what your drug is.