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Our cocaine testkit contains a selection of reagents, chosen specifically to help you identify the most common adulterants/substitutes you may find in your cocaine.

With the help of Liebermann, Marquis and Mandelin reagents, along with our results tool, you can better understand the contents of your next bag to protect yourself and your friends from any nasty surprises. Otherwise, you may be risking an unexpected dose of MDMA, ketamine or speed, or getting ripped off with a bag full of caffeine or aspirin (we go into this in a lot more detail in our article, What’s in your Cocaine?).

To analyze a wider variety of substances and rule out more uncommon adulterants, check out our Complete Testkit, which also includes Mecke, Ehrlich, Froehde and Simon’s A/B reagents.


In short, to make sure you’re getting what you wanted. Whether through malice or sheer accident, it’s easy to end up with an entirely different substance to the one you were expecting, and that goes for any drug.

As with any drug that has such a global supply chain (see also: heroin), cocaine passes through a lot of hands before it reaches you and they aren’t always people you’d want to entrust with your safety. While there are obviously extreme cases reaching 0% purity, 25-30% purity is entirely commonplace and raises the question of what else you’re taking.

Ordinarily, this is low-risk stuff like aspirin or local anaesthetics like benzocaine (which has neither the effects of cocaine or benzos, it’ll just numb your nose), but there are no shortage of Jesse-from-Breaking-Bad style dealers who have been known to “spice up” their supplies with all the confidence of a master chef and none of the knowledge. Samples have shown the presence of everything from meth and speed to ketamine at times, which certainly would add a certain jouissance to proceedings, but probably not one you’d enjoy if it caught you unawares.

And of course, we can’t ignore the possibility of fentanyl turning up. While many initially dismissed these claims as ludicrous scare tactics, more and more cocaine samples are testing positive for fentanyl. While this isn’t currently considered prevalent enough to include fentanyl test-strips in the core kit, every order you purchase will come with free fentanyl tests as a matter of course and you can buy more here. This isn’t us trying to upsell you, our fentanyl strips are provided at cost (meaning we make no profit) in order to ensure that these tests are made as accessible as possible to the people who need them most.


1. Prepare
Prepare a tiny bit of your drug on a white ceramic plate or mug.
Tip: You should use the same amount of powder as on a matchstick head, or a grain of rice. If you’re testing blotters, use 1/6th of a blotter.
2. Test
Simply remove the cap from your bottle and tilt it until a drop falls out.
From the moment the testkit liquid hits the sample, watch closely for 30-60 seconds for any colour changes.
Tip: Many samples will have an initial colour change followed by another over time, so it’s important to keep a close eye on them.
Make sure that the sample doesn’t touch the bottle tip.
3. Search
HUP offers a one of a kind tool to filter your results and find out what your sample could be. Just head here and enter your results to find out what you got.


Above and beyond!

The service was above and beyond. Completely blew my expectations out of the water. Incredible shipping times, and excellent customer service. 11/10!

Emanuel K.
Great service

Fast shipping. Excellent customer service – they were very helpful when I had questions. Seem like good folks. Test worked as it should!



Quick delivery and the product works as intended/advertised. Website of Thehup contains a lot of detailed information how the testkits should react with all substances. Very much recommended!

Dick T
Fantastic customer support.

Quick delivery and the product works as intended/advertised. Website of Thehup contains a lot of detailed information how the testkits should react with all substances. Very much recommended!



Is it safe shipping testkits and are your packages discrete?

Testkits are a legal product, and commonly used by harm reduction organizations.

We do not ship the test kits with anything that hints towards substance use, such as reaction cards, a receipt with a link to our site and even use abbreviations for the labels instead of the reagent’s full names.

So to put it simply, all our orders are packaged extremely discretely and with care of privacy.

How long do testkits last?

One year is to be expected in optimal storage conditions but shelf life varies with each reagent as well as to what conditions you have stored them.

Keep the test kits out of light, in cold storage and do not leave the bottles un-capped any longer than necessary.

To see if your test-kit is still valid after long term storage test common substances like Vitamin C, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol or any known substances (i.e an sample you know for sure is a certain substance) and see if the reaction is correct in reference to our reagent tool

Where does my order ship from?

HUP is a multi-national company, so we have distribution from both Europe & the United States.
All European orders are shipped from Europe.

All USA and orders from other countries are shipped from USA.

Can I get help when testing?

Ofcourse! We have a live chat on our website, where you can talk to us incase you need any assistance when testing or have any questions.