Ehrlich Reagent Test Kit


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Ehrlich tests for substances within the indole group, such as ergoloids (e.g. LSD) and tryptamines (e.g. DMT, Psilocybin). Easily rule out many adulterants such as NBOMe and DOx compounds (no reaction), by turning purple/pink when reacting to an indole.

100+ tests per bottle

Named after Nobel Prize winner Paul Ehrlich, Ehrlich reagent contains Isopropanol and Phosphoric acid with Para-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde.

***Note: Ehrlich is great at identifying if a sample contains an indole, but it doesn’t identify what indole it is. Using other reagents allows you to see what indole is in your sample and help identify if there are adulterants present such as NBOMe or DOx, something Ehrich on it’s own can’t do.***

Consider upgrading to the Complete Test Kit to narrow down what your sample is.

It’s worth knowing.

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