MDMA & Ecstasy Testkit


The MDMA & ecstasy testkit, developed by HUP, is the best way to test substance samples for the presence of MDMA, as well as a variety of adulterants typically found within.
An example of this is the famous “Tesla” pill which has been copied by many and lab reports have shown some pills to contain substances such as Methamphetamine & N-Methylethylone.
Suitable for testing to see if your MDMA sample actually contains dangerous adulterants/substitutes such as PMA/PMMA, Methamphetamine, BZP, N-ethylpentalone and more.
Includes three different Marquis, Froehde & Simons.
100+ tests per bottle.
Test your MDMA in 30 seconds, and search for the result on

Adulterant statistics,
In 2018, DrugsData (USA) lab-tested a total of 731 samples sold as MDMA/”Ecstasy”, about one-fourth of samples were adulterated with another substance or contained no MDMA at all.

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