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MDMA & Ecstasy Testkit


By their powers combined, the testkit that make up our MDMA testkit (along with our results tool) will help you spot any of the most common adulterants and substitutes that may be found in your ecstasy.

Containing 100+ tests apiece of Marquis, Froehde and Simon’s A/B testkits, this kit will keep you from an unexpected dose of speed, ketamine or PMA, so you can be as safe as possible in your use. (we go into more detail on potential adulterants/substitutes in our article, What’s in your MDMA?)

This kit can help you rule out most substances that are likely to show up in “MDMA”, but might not be so useful in finding really unusual substitutions or in testing other drugs. If you want to be able to check others, take a look at our Complete Testkit, which also includes Mecke, Liebermann, Ehrlich and Mandelin reagents to offer you a little more versatility in your testing.

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