Simons Reagent Test Kit


The Simons Reagent kit is a secondary test (after the use of Marquis, Mecke, & Mandelin) that tells the difference between MDMA vs MDA, methamphetamine vs amphetamine, or between MDPV vs methylone.


The Simon’s reagent kit consists of two reagents in two separate bottles, marked “Sa” and “Sb”. They must be used together for the reaction to work.

Scrape a tiny bit of your pill or powder onto a large, white ceramic plate. Use just enough powder to see on the plate.
First use reagent bottle “Sa”. Squeeze ONE(1) DROP of “Sa” out of the bottle onto the powder.
Secondly use reagent bottle “Sb”. Squeeze TWO(2) DROPS of “Sb” out of the bottle onto the same powder/liquid already on the plate from step 2.
Observe the color change right away.
The presence of MDMA/MDE/Methamphetamine/methylone will be indicated by a change to a bright cobalt blue. If no color change is observed when solution B is added, then the substance contains MDA, amphetamine, or MDPV.

Consider upgrading to the Complete Test Kit to narrow down what your sample is.

It’s worth knowing.