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Reagent usage

  • Prepare an small speck of the powder/corner of an blotter on a ceramic plate or mug, approximately the size of half a pin head
  • Remove the cap from the bottle and tilt it slowly until one drop falls onto the powder, do not let the bottle tip touch the powder as this would contaminate and ruin the reagent
  • Observe the color reaction for circa 30 seconds and use our Reagents Tool that was created from the charts done at r/Reagenttesting, do also film it for later reference if you may be unsure of the results and need to ask us or the r/Reagenttesting community
  • Disposal of the liquid/test-kits should be done by neutralizing the acid with baking soda & then diluting it with water into the sink

These are corrosive and toxic chemicals, treat them as such

Use gloves & eye protection

Perform the testing in a well lit area

Don’t mix the reagent caps to avoid cross contamination

Store reagents in a dark & cold area like a fridge. (Let reagents warm up to room-temp before opening)
Always store the bottle standing up

The test-kit bottles are of HDPE material, but the mini vials are PE, thus do not store any reagent liquid in the mini vials for more than a few days

6-12 months is to be expected in optimal storage conditions but shelf-time varies with each reagent aswell as to what conditions you have stored them in and how many times you have opened it

To see if your test-kit is still valid after long term storage test common substances like Vitamin C, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol etc

If you have any further questions send us an message!